Copyright Policy

APCJ is a peer-reviewed, academic publication with an intended purpose of disseminating information and knowledge to an international audience. Thus, APCJ (electronic version) is free to individuals and institutions. Copies of this journal or articles in this journal may be distributed for research or educational purposes without charge, provided that all appropriate citation information is included. However, commercial use of APCJ or the articles contained herein is expressly prohibited without the written consent of the editor and publisher.

The contribution of the author(s) should be completely original; it should not violate any existing copyright, and should contain nothing of a libelous or scandalous character. Permission from the copyright owner should be included as necessary for use of any quotes or figures previously published elsewhere. The copyright of all published material, including printed, electronic and other publication formats, will be held by APCJ. Contributors will be asked to sign a copyright declaration form when their paper is accepted for publication.