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Potential Juror's Perceptions of Communication in Masks

Description: The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged courts to implement practices that protect the health of both the administrators and consumers of justice during in-person proceedings, such as requiring the use of facemasks. Masks introduce interesting new questions for justice professionals. For example, what are potential jurors perceptions about masks' impact on communication? A survey of MTurk™ workers (N = 177) revealed respondents had a modest belief that masks could interfere with communication across actors, including the ability to understand information and assess “truth” in interactions. Respondents who were Native American, older, Catholic, Republican, and/or conservative tended to believe more strongly that masks interfere with communication. Implications of these findings for practice and future research are presented.

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Shawn C. Marsh, S.C., Miller, M.K., Kirshenbaum, J.M. (2022). Potential Juror's Perceptions of Communication in Masks [Electronic Version]. Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice, 16(2), 242-257.

Keywords: masks, communication, jurors, courts, pandemic

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