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Police Stress: Effects of Criticism Management Training on Health

Description: A survey of law enforcement officers found that stress associated with interpersonal conflict, especially when dealing with criticism from others (both within and outside the law enforcement agency) was rated as one of the highest occupational stressors. Supervisors reported added stress when they were required to evaluate and criticize subordinates. The damaging effects of poor stress management on health has been well documented. The present study examines the impact of a 16-hour stress-inoculation training program, along with two subsequent 1-hour booster sessions, administered to a sample of police officers assigned to field duty. Results suggest that those who participated in the criticism management program reported increased effi cacy in dealing with interpersonal stress and reduced health-related consequences.

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Garner, R. (2008). Police Stress: Effects of Criticism Management Training on Health [Electronic Version]. Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice, 4(2), 243-259.

Keywords: stress, police, criticism, stress-innoculation, interpersonal stress

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