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Mugshot group size affects eyewitness mugshot selections

Description: When eyewitnesses examine a set of mugshots, the photos can be presented either individually or in groups. The present experiment investigated whether the selection of mugshots is influenced by group size. Participants watched a video of a mock theft, then viewed 180 mugshots either 3, 6, or 12 photos at a time. Selection of the target's mugshot was not significantly affected by mugshot group size, but participants who viewed three mugshots at a time selected more fillers. In addition, group size had only a small effect on the amount of time taken to inspect mugshots, and participants exhibited a strong tendency to select no more than one mugshot from any single group. The practical and theoretical implications of these findings are discussed.

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Thompson, W. B., Zamojski, E., & Colangelo, A. (2010). Mugshot group size affects eyewitness mugshot selections [Electronic Version]. Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice, 6(1), 1-16.

Keywords: eyewitness memory, mugshots

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